A list of famous people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the UK


Coronavirus has become a global nightmare as it is evident that the deadly virus doesn’t choose class or status meaning no one is immune to the deadly virus.

Scientist are still researching on the vaccine with hopes to contain the virus as it continues to spread globally leading to deaths and some countries going on a lock-down.

Some celebrities and public figures haven’t been spared either globally, United Kingdom not being left out.
Here is a list of some of your favorite celebrities who have tested positive in the UK so far:

1. Prince Charles
On March 25, the world received shocking news that Prince Charles had tested positive for coronavirus. Although it came as a surprise to many, it is reported that the prince is feeling better at the moment but he is currently on self isolation. However, his wife Camilla tested negative for the virus.

2. Evangelos Marinakis
The 52-year-old Nottingham Forest and Olympiacos football club owner revealed to have tested positive for the virus on March 10 and forced into self isolating for two weeks. The Greek tycoon thanked the doctors after he fully recovered from the virus.

3. Nadine Dorries
The 62-year-old Mid-Bedfordshire MP became the first UK minister to contract the virus on March 11. Her 84-year-old mother also contracted the deadly virus but they have fully recovered from COVID-19.

4. Mikel Arteta
Arsenal’s head coach tested positive for the virus on March 12 making him the first big name in English football to contract the virus. He has since fully recovered though his diagnosis sent approximately 100 members of Arsenal staff including his first-team squad into self isolation which triggered the suspension of Premier League matches.

5. Hudson Odoi
Odoi was the first Premier League footballer to announce that he had tested positive for coronavirus on March 12. The Chelsea Football Club winger is currently in self isolation and said to be in good health and making a rapid recovery.

6. Idris Elba
The renowned actor took to Twitter on March 16 and shared that he had been diagnosed with coronavirus but revealed he had no symptoms of the virus. The 47-year-old Elba, got tested after coming into contact with someone who later confirmed had coronavirus. The actor advised the public to self isolate themselves to stop the spread of the virus before going to quarantine. However his wife Sabrina also tested positive without experiencing any symptoms.

7. Olga Kurylenko
Olga 40, a movie star who starred in Quantum of Solace also tested positive for the virus but claims that she was turned away from a London hospital despite struggling with fever because the hospital was only taking patients that are struggling with life. Though she has fully recovered, the former bond girl isn’t sure where she contracted the virus but thinks it might be from a taxi door handle.

8. Fiona Phillips
The 59-year-old former GMTV host said she had coronavirus on March 20 after experiencing sore throat, dry cough, headache and tiredness symptoms. Fiona is said to be still recovering as she promised to ensure that the virus won’t stay long.

9. Linda Lusardi
The actress and former model was rushed to hospital on March 20 after being diagnosed with coronavirus. The 69-year-old was placed on oxygen and her condition has since improved.

10. Lee Mack
The 51-year-old comedian is said to have contacted Covid-19 while attending the controversial Cheltenham Festival earlier this month but he is now self isolating at home as he fight the virus.

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