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A world without fools

Having a fools’ day has become a tradition that people follow faithfully, looking for an opportunity to prank both family and friends. This year however, nobody was keen on it. After all, there are many important things that people have to be mindful of. Why look to prank your neighbor when you are busy looking for ways to stay healthy? There is a lot of sadness and mourning in the world that instead of fooling others, people have decided to be a source of hope.

Imagine everybody becoming a source of hope and love? It would change the world. The world would be a better place if we all pull together in one direction. If we all look out for each other instead of sabotaging one another. When we are kinder to each other and not full of malice. And sometimes it takes an epidemic for people to open their eyes and realize that we are on the same team. We can stand together and live to see another day!

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