Are you playing your part in fighting Covid-19?

There are many people complaining of how life has slowed down ever since this virus struck. But how many among these people are following the basic rules to keep safe? The government is doing its part in telling its citizens how to avoid infection. But are the citizens doing their part in implementing what they are told? How many are washing their hands with soap? How many are using sanitizers? How many are donning face masks? How many are observing social distancing rules?

In order for things to return to normal, the virus has first to be contained. If there are more infections every day, then that means we can kiss normalcy goodbye for a couple of months to come. Nobody wants that. There are children who need to go to school. Parents who need to make money to provide for their children. An economy which needs to improve. We all have things we need to do but for now, we need to sit back and fight the virus first.

If we all rise up and play our part, we will defeat this virus soon. But if we play cat and mouse games with the government, this virus will not hesitate to make a meal out of us. So where do you stand in this fight? Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

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