Between a disease and financial obligations

Corona virus has put people in a dilemma. As movement is limited and people are working from home, it is really hard on the cash flow. Some people’s jobs allow them to work from home, while other jobs you cannot work from home. That means your income is cut and you have to make do with what you have at hand. There is the temptation to go out there and get a job, but then who will want to give out a job in the face of a lockdown?

Banks want their money at the agreed time, but people do not know how the end of the month will look like for them. If the sales are low, that means that the returns will also be low. Supermarkets are making higher returns with people rushing to buy all they sell, but they also are at a higher risk of contracting the dreaded virus.

The question for many people is whether to go out and risk it for money’s sake or to stay at home and have financial obligations pile up. At the end of the month, the landlord will still want his money. Groceries also cost money. Who will speak for those people who need a little break before resuming their payments on bank loans? What will tomorrow look like?

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