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How Cashless Transactions are going to affect our daily purchases.

With fees for transactions less than 1000 waived by Safaricom, Kenyans should embrace the use of mobile money to avoid contact with cash. As it is, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. When you are handling cash you don’t know how many people have touched it. But with mobile money, you send it from your phone to another without any worries of handling it.

Maybe this is the right time for people to also settle their debts. If you were thinking of the money you would be charged when sending through mobile money, you can send small amounts until you clear your debt. Within three months, you would be a free agent with no one waiting for you to pay up. The challenge here would be that business is slow and people are not making as much money. Paying debts is not high on their to-do list.

Another challenge would be in the transport sector where people pay through cash. In whose line do you send the fare? Mama Mboga also may expect you to give her cash instead of asking for her phone number to send money for the groceries you have just bought. Besides that some of the things you buy like dhania cost around Kshs. 5. It would seem easier to just hand over the money than send it.

But still, what Safaricom have done is a good initiative. They have provided an option for people. They have become part of the solution. Where you can use it, do it. Where there is a challenge, look for ways to overcome it.

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