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Why you should wear a mask that covers your nose

Coronavirus effects on the lungs are usually devastating hence leading most patients in the ICU. We have all been advised to wear masks in...

Know your blood type

Not all blood is alike, every person has a specific blood type. There are four major blood groups; A, B, O, and AB which...

Signs that your partner might be cheating

If your partner has a habit of placing their phones face down on a table, those are red flags that they might be trying...

Know the symptoms

With coronavirus pandemic still being a threat, it is important to maintain a balance between work and rest to avoid burning out. This is...

Don’t let the internet ruin you

The young generation does not know anything about privacy if their social media accounts are anything to go by. They are always updating everything...

Prepare for your retirement

Retirement does not catch people by surprise as they know full well at what age they will retire. Unfortunately, people do not prepare for...

How lock-down prevented half a billion coronavirus cases worldwide

When coronavirus became a worldwide pandemic, many countries decided to put in place several measures such as shutting down schools, banning large gatherings, and...

Keep the flames burning

Love isn’t a constant thing and relationships have both good and bad times. That is why there are times when we sometimes adore our...

Becoming a better number 2

Working under someone requires you to have a clear understanding on what you are expected to do. You also need to have a ton...

Look for motivation to keep going!

How do you motivate yourself to finish the tasks that are ahead of you? Some people take a walk to clear their minds and...



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