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People are taking precautions to ensure that the spread of COVID-19 is contained to save more lives and reduce the number of infection. Many times we’ve been advised to clean our surfaces thoroughly and disinfect them because the virus is believed to stay on surfaces longer and when we touch contaminated surfaces we are at high risk of getting infected or even infecting others.

Cleaning your house thoroughly in every corners and from top to bottom without leaving anything untouched with disinfectant ensures that the virus doesn’t stay on anything you’ve touched or come in contact with and this prevents chances of infecting others.

It doesn’t matter if you have traveled from oversees or you are self-isolating yourself, the most important thing is to keep your house thoroughly clean by cleaning it regularly. However, killing germs that come with coronavirus requires cleaning first then disinfecting the surfaces. It is believed that touching a surface won’t transfer much, but droplets from coughing might, depending on the type of surface, air temperature and humidity as to how long the droplet stays wet and active.

While cleaning surfaces at home, it is advisable to use a soapy sponge or cloth to clean the surface before applying the disinfectant afterwards and when it is thoroughly clean. Then after applying the disinfectant, let it stay for about 30 seconds, then wipe it off with a clean cloth and remember to wash your hands frequently during the cleaning process to ensure that you don’t transfer the virus to already-cleaned areas.

You may be asking yourself what you need to clean in the house and when to clean it. The answer is simple, make sure that frequently touched surfaces like door handles, bed-rails, tabletops and light switches are cleaned frequently even daily if possible throughout your isolation period but ensure that you use a detergent designed for the specific surface you’re cleaning.

However, sinks and basins although not often actually touched should not be ignored but also cleaned regularly due to contact with food not forgetting the non-obvious areas like cupboards, kettle, coffee machine and other appliances that should be cleaned every few days.

When it comes to mopping floors, ensure that you are not dry mopping but use water and detergent because dry mopping may not be effective enough not forgetting to clean walls, blinds and remember to change your curtains.

What some people miss out is cleaning their cars. If you have a car and you have been using it to move around, whether you are infected or not, you are advised to clean it thoroughly by using the same principles before someone else uses it again.

However, if you are cleaning either your house or someone else’s house while they are sick, ensure that you are using protective equipment such as masks, gloves and eye protective. This is to prevent touching yourself in the face unconsciously while cleaning but remember to Wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer before putting on gloves and masks and after removing them.
After all the cleaning is done, you are advised to dispose the equipment in a bag, along with the sponges and cloths used in the cleaning.

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