Commonly ignored cancer symptoms


Given that cancer is the second most common cause of death in the globally with cancer patients also at a high risk of coronavirus infection, it’s shocking how many of those people have gone untreated until the final stages of the diseases when little can be done to help them recover.

However, this is because cancer is notorious in showing itself in seemingly harmless symptoms that we may dismiss as normal or usual symptoms. This is why it is important to vigilant with our bodies because we might ignore some cancer symptoms considering them harmless when they are actually vital.
The following signs should be observed:

1. Sudden weight loss
Do not celebrate when you lose some pounds without dieting or excising, unexplained weight loss is one of the most common symptoms of cancers in the stomach, lung, or pancreas.

2. High fever
Watch out when you develop high fever because blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma are said to show themselves in the beginning stages through high fevers whereas it could also be a sign of early-stage of kidney or colon cancer.

3. Fatigue or tiredness
Its natural to feel tired from time to time, but if the fatigue doesn’t go away and keep on persisting even after rest, this could be a sign to stomach, colon or blood cancers.

4. Pain and aches
This is one of the most commonly ignored cancer symptom. For instance, bone and testicular cancer can cause aching whereas frequent and severe headaches may be an indication of brain tumor and back pain could be a symptom of ovarian or colon cancer. Therefore you shouldn’t ignore persistent pain and aches.

5. Sudden skin change
As we may consider skin change as an effect from weather or environment, its advisable to be examined for freckles, moles or warts that change in shape, color or size because it might be early signs of cancer.

6. Changes in bowel movements
If you experience blood when passing urine, it is a clear indication something might be wrong. Therefore it is important to be checked for blood and prostrate cancer.

7. Shortness of breath
This is a sign of cancer that may be caused due to a blockage of air tubes if there is a cancer in or near the lungs and it can also be due to other cancers like breast, ovarian or liver.

8. Unusual bleeding
This is one of the signs that should concern you and be vigilant with. For instance coughing blood could be a sign of lung cancer while blood in the urine or stool could mean a colon, kidney or bladder cancer.

9. Irregular lump
It is important to immediately get checked by a doctor if you find or feel a lump anywhere in your body.

10. Difficulty swallowing
If you’re having difficulty swallowing, it could be an indication of mouth or throat cancers. Therefore, it is advisable to be keen because other cancers such as esophageal, thyroid and laryngeal may also show themselves in this way.

11. Nagging cough
Do not ignore that persistent cough assuming it will somehow stop and you will get better with time. Chances are, it might be lung cancer and a severe cough is also said to be associated with laryngeal and thyroid cancer.

12. White patches inside the mouth
Make sure you get treated immediately if you see white patches in your moth, because these can be pre-cancerous leukoplakia, which can become cancerous if not treated early.

12. Heartburn
Heartburn can be caused by different reasons, but if it persists or worsens even with medication, it could be a sign of cancer in the ovaries, stomach or throat.

Therefore it is important to be vigilant with how our bodies react and when you feel unusual, abnormal or persistent symptoms, seek medical advise rather than ignoring them because it is better preventing before it gets to final stages.

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