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Coronavirus Shame!


As coronavirus pandemic continuous to affect everyone and even business and learning institutions worldwide, it is a pity that there is still major shortage of coronavirus test kits in the United States and across the world.
This is definitely slowing down crucial diagnoses and leaving many wondering if they have the virus or not or rather wait until they start feeling the symptoms whereas celebrities, NBA stars, politicians and billionares with no symptoms can access the COVID-19 tests.

There are reports of scenarios in the United states where people who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 calling hospitals hotlines requesting to be tested but instead, they are turned away and advised to self-isolate for at least 14 days and seek medical help if they develop respiratory problems.

Others claim that they are being denied the tests mainly because they have not come into contact with a known case or been to China recently making them more worried because they are not sure if they have the virus or if their symptoms subsiding makes it safe for them to go outside or continue to interact with their families.

What raises more questions is the fact that the rich and the powerful can easily access them and are buying them privately. However it is still unclear where they are getting them from or whether their private doctors are buying the test kits for them while in a recent press conference When President Trump was asked about the disparity, he said that it was the story of life.

This comes after British actor Idris Elba announced to his fans that he has tested positive for the test despite not showing any symptoms on Friday last week.

According to him through a video he shared to his fans, he claimed that he had to get the test immediately and was lucky to get one quickly given the shortage of kits. However he did not disclose where he got the test or how anyone else might be able to acquire the same.

Some other people who got access to the tests are Canadian Prime Minister wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, who tested positive for the virus after returning to Canada from London. Sophie did not confirm whether she had been in contact with anyone who had the virus or if she had been in China recently. Also sports commentator Charles Berkeley said he was waiting for the results of a test too as eight full NBA teams were tested for coronavirus despite some of the players not showing any symptoms. However the team defended themselves claiming that they had bought the tests privately.

As people continue asking questions on where the rich get the test kits from, some have expressed their disappointment of having the symptoms or families who are showing the symptoms but they can’t be attended to just because either the patient isn’t showing all the symptoms or hasn’t traveled for the last fourteen days. One even claimed that he had been in Italy three weeks ago but doctors have refused to test him while more people are complaining of symptoms like difficulty breathing and sweltering fevers but are not being tested even when they are in the hospital. However it is reported that in the UK people are paying up to $500 for the tests.

In conclusion what many Americans feel is that the coronavirus is finally exposing society inequity with the kits readily available only for the rich and famous without even showing symptoms yet people are told testing kits are unavailable something that is frustrating and risky because many people might be exposed to the deadly virus hence rapid spread.

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