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Date at home?


As coronavirus pandemic continuous to give people sleepless nights globally wondering when life will be back to normal, dating sites are encouraging people to connect digitally.

With most countries going on a lock-down meaning most people are forced to work from home as part of preventing the risk of spreading COVID-19, some dating apps are using the opportunity to encourage people to continue connecting amid of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hinge dating app a New York based dating site prompted people to date from home, however it is also following the World health organization guidelines.
“We are all in this together and it is important to have human connection even when we are apart. Your health is the most important thing. Please keep following the recommendations from WHO,” one of their posts read.

As Australians were advised to stay at home and practice social distancing just like any other citizens globally, according to Hinge, people are distancing to prevent the spread of the virus but they are not disconnecting.

Another dating app doing the same is Tinder which has encouraged prospective couple to date online as it works on removing the geographic barriers on the app so that users can match and chat with someone new irrespective of where they are during the coronavirus crisis.

Do you support dating sites encouraging people to connect digitally amid of COVID-19 pandemic now that even students are homeschooling digitally?

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