Diamond’s mother accused of biasness


Bongo superstar Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Kasimu, popularly known as mama Dangote has been accused by fans on social media for favoritism and creating future hatred between her grandchildren.

This comes after coloring her Instagram wall with pictures of her grand daughter Tiffah Dangote while showering her with praises days after the little princess celebrated her fifth birthday something that made some of her fans feel like she was being biased when it comes to her grandchildren.

Diamond and Hamisa’s son Dee Daylan also happened to have celebrated her 3rd birthday the same week days after Tiffah’s birthday but Mama Dangote never wished her grandson a happy birthday or post his photos as she is doing with Tiffah.

We both know that Diamond’s mother has never had good relationship with Daylan’s mother, Hamisa Mobeta, but some fans think that she should not involve children in their differences.

However, while Mama Dangote was showering Tiffah with praises of all kinds, Zari, Diamond’s South African based baby mama commented on one of the posts, a respond that was not taken so politely with some fans.

“Bint Naseeb..🤍👌
@princess_tiffah 🔥”, posted mama Dangote.

Zari’s comment,
“Umezidi, subiri urogwe🧛‍♀️🧟‍♀️”.

These made some fans accused her for favoring Zari’s children forgetting she has other grandchildren others asking Zari to stop insulting Hamisa.

“Sawa lakini Mama Mbona wa HAMISA umpost Wala Kumsapoti ni Chuki au n Nini Yan N Mbaya Sana Uwe Mzee alafu uje kufa na Unafki moyoni😂😂😂😂😂😂”, One fan responded.

“The one you hate so with a passion to an extent of showing it off to public is highly favored by the Almighty God,What kind of a grandma are you anyway..setting a very bad and shameful hate between ur grandkids who will grow up and know my grandma was like this and this she never wanted anything to do with me.Hamisa’s son maybe your blessings in future if you don’t know and correct your mistakes before it’s too late”, Another fan responded.

Mama Dangote has four grand children from Diamond Platinamz and its evident that Tiffah is her favorite.

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