Dress the way you want to be addressed!


What does your dressing have to do with your job? Many of you will be quick to say nothing, but you are wrong. How you dress speaks volumes about you and what you do. People will form an opinion about you just by looking at how you dress. You may quip ‘my dress my choice’ but that will not change a thing about others opinions. Take an example of people going for an interview. The moment you walk into that office, the first thing that will be scrutinized will be your dressing. Nobody will ask you why you dressed the way you did but you will either gain points for your dressing or lose points.

What your dress says about where you work cannot be hidden. Ladies may say that it is prejudice but that is not the case. People will not respect you when you come to work in a skimpy outfit. Your outfit must fit into the position that you have at the workplace. While it may be your choice to dress like that, it is not in the company’s interest to have a bad reputation because of you. That is why you will find that companies have dress codes for their employees. This is a polite reminder to you that you need to be decent when you come to work.

They are not trying to dictate your life, they are just making sure that their customers know that they are professionals. They deliver on their promises and there is no fishy business that they do. If you really have to wear the outfits you want, then it is advisable to do it on your time away from work. It is important to note that people will form an opinion of you by your dressing and it will not be easy to change it. Dress the way you want to be addressed.

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