Dressed in a long raffle skirt…


Dressed in a long raffle skirt, a tank top tucked in the skirt and a hat to protect her from the sun and beautiful sandals that showed her marron nail polish she entered the coffee joint and went to sit at the far corner in the balcony area.
Waiter (good morning, Madam Can I offer you anything?)
She replied “yes black coffee and one a slice of lemon cake” with a smile on a face.
Waiter “okay coming right up”, he wrote as he went.
She told her favorite novel “Prince of war” to continue to read. But then her phone rang.
“I told you to look happy and not suspicious or you will not see your son again” said the voice on the phone.
With a shaky voice she replied “am trying but where is my son?”
“You don’t ask the question we do, you need to do what took you there or you son will just be a memory to you” the voice replied and hanged up.
Soon after the hang up, the waiter walked in and placed her order on the table, “enjoy” he said and walked away.

She was in that restaurant for a mission, to talk, seduce and swap a simcard from an IT guy who works in a Hi-tech company called Mofirm. The company has record of the people who kidnapped his son, killing the CEO of the company because he wanted out of the dirty business they were conducting to keep the company from going bankrupt.
This will be easy she thought because she knew the guy way back from way back, but again he hates me, I broke his heart he will probably walk out, she thought.
Ting ting a message popped up and it read, “You need to act fast because the cops are on their way, last chance to save your son.

Tom was seated on the couch on the far end to her right. Which line should I use on him while approaching him “hey tom, it’s been a minute’ no I broke his heart of course it will be a minute. “Hey Tom, how you doing”, too casual she thought. How about some truth, she thought as she stood up and started walking towards his table.
She gathered her courage and walked towards Tom and sat down, tom was busy on his lap top , still looking at his laptop he said “that seat is reserved,” “ooh it is” she replied, Recognizing the voice Tom looked up in surprise .
“What are you doing here” he asked with shocked voice. “Is that how you will reply to your lost friend” She replied

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