Injustice of the Feminists

When”Experience is the best teacher” is the language we speak most times, our voices are not any time listened to, we the few who get the view from a distance and are yet to get there. Our opinions never count. We are there to be seen and heard and never to be listened to. Fair enough I take no offense. Besides, I know the feminists are not willing to let go of the freedom granted to the girl child and little bit in excess for that matter.

The boy child, once considered as the ruling gender is now slowly fading away and as time goes by the need to support the girl child is given much attention and upper hand at the expense of neglecting the current situation the boy child is facing. The kind of gender imbalance that is being experienced in Kenya if no one comes to the rescue of the boy-child is afraid the current condition then is here to stay. This kind of gender imbalance is the outright reference to the phrase ‘Another man’s food is another man’s poison’. The females have been overprotected to a point that the society especially the feminists are now speedily infringing the rights accorded to the male.

Years back with Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early marriages were the main worries why the girl child should be accorded protection by society; some other overriding factors have emerged and played a vital role in the empowerment of the women in the society. Not turning a blind eye to the already realized huge strides made in inhibiting FGM and early marriages having been realized, the women are still enjoying excess protection at the expense of the boy child. For instance, the Kenya Certificate for Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education (KCSE), girls have been favored over the years and are still being favored to date when it comes to grading system and placement into high schools and universities respectively while boys have a rough ride to attain same qualifications some even in worse conditions than the girl child.

┬áThe same applies to the Kenyan electoral system as the case is not different; despite the open chance for a person of any gender to vie for the available electoral seats, the Kenyan constitution has set aside forty-seven vacancies specially meant for women in the name of women representative seats while assuming there are also a number of males out there who need equal treatment and attention or even more. Notwithstanding the fact that the boy child is being neglected, the feminists are still choking the male and fighting hard to the benefit of the girl child. Do they know how many boys are out there who are equally or more vulnerable and need attention? Are they aware that each and everything has a limit? Do they know that too much of anything is poisonous? And true to the latter statement, the boy child is being abandoned and neglected all for the sake of ’empowerment of the girl child’ and for that matter the pleas to bring a gender balance falling on deaf ears or better still the society watch in silence as the girl child zips the voice of reason.

The truth of the matter is that in reality check we are experiencing a gender imbalance as a country. We all have a duty to play, we all know the importance of prioritizing both genders and until a solution is arrived at really fast to solve this gender crisis, and I mean really fast! The boy child will continue suffering in deep silence with the girl child being the main beneficiary here.






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