Everybody needs somebody

Having family or friends who you spend time with regularly is very important. Man is a social being who needs constant communication and without it he withers and ends up dying. How does this come about? When you have a problem, you find it easier to share with the people who are near to you. However, if you don’t have people near you, you may end up making decisions that end up harming you.

One such decision may be to take your own life because you are feeling hopeless. Suicide happens when one loses all hope in life and they have no desire to keep on living and suffering. A person may be sick and they see no cure forthcoming. Without friends nearby who will encourage such a person, they may end up taking their own life.

Some of the signs that you should look for when you are with your family or friends is the constant mood swings. A person who is unsure of what they feel from time to another may be depressed. They need to see a doctor. Also if your friend oversleeps or complains of insomnia, there is something disturbing them. Some people may talk about ways one can take their own lives. That is a cry for help. They are voicing what is on their minds. It’snot just the old or sick who commit suicide. The young people are also facing many challenges and end up committing suicide. Children overdose on medicine while trying to keep the pain away. Others hang themselves.

There is no age limit for pain or disappointment. Get your friends to help before they do something drastic. Be there for someone because you never know when you will need others to stand with you.

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