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Azziad Nasenya, a 19-year-old media student who made headlines after videos of her jamming to Femi One’s song ‘Utawezana’ went viral, has landed herself a TV role.

The Tik tok queen was the talk of town for her impressive sensational dance moves in her Tik Tok video, something that earned her fame making her trend number one on twitter but later on she was cyber-bullied with negative online users. However, as we all know KOT they will praise you, attack you then stand with after trolling you on the same platforms.

Azziad’s video was retweeted a hundreds times making her trend on social media receiving applause with AS Roma not being left behind. The International football club stunned many online users after recognizing her video and tweeted out her name on their Swahili Twitter account.

However, this did not stop haters who went ahead and dug her past photos, body shaming her as one of her friend even going further to share her number online something that made her bullied even through whatsapp and calls with some people adding her on whatsapp groups to trash her then remove her from the groups.

But they say, there is light at the end of a tunnel. Many were against the cyber bulling of the Tik Tok queen and instead praised her for standing firm and not allowing to be affected by the bullies. According to Azziad the fact that her family stood with her, the bullying did not matter because she was doing what she likes doing most.

Despite all the negative energy, Azziad has received more positive vibes with K24 TV news anchor Betty Kyallo coming out strongly in her defence condemning the cyber-bullying.

The media student has however disclosed that she has recently landed a lead role on a soon-to-air TV show, but she did not disclose the name. In addition Femi One also reached out to her and said that she is hoping to work with her some day but according to Azziad, her focus is on media and acting and wouldn’t want to be a video vixen.
We wish her all the best.

Photo credits: The star

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