How effective is your homemade hand sanitizer?


World Health Organization recommended the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in a bid to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. People on the other hand are advised to sanitize their hands frequently when they can’t access soap and water.
This recommendation saw people rushing to the supermarkets and pharmacies leaving shelves empty due to bulk buying of hand sanitizers hence some sellers taking advantage of the situation by raising its prices rapidly.

With supermarkets running low of hand sanitizers and prices increase, people have turned into making their homemade sanitizers. We have also witnessed others coming up with blogs and videos online about tips on how to make your own sanitizer at the comfort of your home without the struggles of queuing long hours in the supermarkets. However, it is difficult to distinguish which methods are most effective.

Making your own hand sanitizer isn’t a bad idea or rather it might be a good alternative but, while making it ensure that you don’t miss out on the major ingredients.

Some homemade hand sanitizers do not actually work and unfortunately one may not be able to recognize that they are less effective when using them. This is basically because most homemade sanitizers contain inconsistent ingredients or even lack certain major elements hence making the product ineffective.

As we are all aware, alcohol-based hand sanitizer should contain 60-95% alcohol in order to kill repel germs but unfortunately most homemade sanitizers recipe do not meet this standard.

In addition, commercial bought products contain emollients that keep your hands soft while reducing damage from the alcohol something the homemade remedies may lack leading to high chances of affecting your skin if inconsistent amount of alcohol is used.

Therefore, we are advised that, however much stores might have run out of stock due to high demand of hand sanitizers, let us be vigilant and keep in mind that not all recipes for making homemade sanitizers are effective. Let us be keen by ensuring that we are using the right and recommended ingredients as we continue to fight the world’s deadly pandemic.

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