How to avoid accidents at home


Home is where we spend most of our time and accidents also happen at home. Parents as well as children get hurt while they are at home. Therefore, children need to be taught what is dangerous to them and take precaution where necessary to avoid accidents. On the other hand, parents should be on the front line in teaching them the dangers which can be found at home. One of the things that causes accidents at home is fire. While fire is used for cooking, it can also be a source of pain if not properly handled. Instead of telling children that they should not touch fire or gas cylinders, it would be wise to explain to them why they shouldn’t play with them. Let them know that they could get burned or that the house could catch fire causing the destruction of property and loss of lives. Keep the matchboxes away from the children because they may want to try to light them.

When it come to medicine, there is always a polite notice indicating that they should be kept out of reach for children. Do you know why? This is because children may not understand what the medicine is meant for or used for, therefore some may end up taking or drinking them not knowing the effect it will cause them. Others may even take overdose hence being a danger to their health even costing them their lives. Therefore to be on the safe side, let us keep medicines away from children and educate them on the dangers of taking medicines without prescription or asking an adult.

Water can also cause accidents at home if children play with it. There have been cases of children drowning in bath tabs while playing with water. Another thing to avoid is knives and any other sharp utensils such as forks. Sharp objects should be locked up in the home so that children do not end up hurting themselves or one another.
Whilst children should be taught all about the things that can harm them while in the house or at home, it should not be an excuse for the parent not to lock up those things that could harm them. As much as possible, take precautions to avoid accidents happening at home. Don’t wait for it to happen before you become serious about educating your children.

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