How to keep your children busy

Many people wish that they could send their children somewhere during this period so as not to be alone with them at home. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. Thus parents should come up with ingenious ways to survive these days. With some praying for a quick solution to the corona virus epidemic, others are coming up with a hands on approach.

But are the children as bad as they are portrayed to be? Not really. Children respond to structure. If they don’t find it, they will do what seems right to them. To live harmoniously with your children, set up a timetable. Yes, like the one they have in school. Have study time and play time. Though they will probably ask for more play time than study, make sure that you give them a little of both. You can also add some chores at home that will keep them busy. At first, they may try to argue with you. But once they get into the rhythm of it, they will not give you any trouble. You won’t even realize how fast the time will fly.


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