How to stand out in an interview from home


As coronavirus continues to hit the economy hard, most job-seekers are in pressure to make a good impression this is likely to be on interviews conducted online amid increased competition for fewer jobs. Its evident that most companies have been largely affected by the novel coronavirus hence most laying off its staffs while some shutting completely due to financial crisis.

This has also affected the job-seekers as there has been a tremendous decrease in the number of vacancies advertised by employers. However, even if the competition may seem tough in getting employed, it is still possible to get hired in this season.
What you need to do is prepare and make adjustments in the way in which you apply for roles so as to stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips you can use if you are job hunting and landed a zoom interview:

First of all you should improve your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. This is by ensuring that they are both up-to-date because recruiters use applicant tracking systems to do the initial screening of the hundreds of CVs they receive for each advertised job so incorporating the keywords that they are looking for in your CV might be vital. Also include what you have been up-to and not forgetting your skills and volunteer roles.

Also check your technology. If you have secured a virtual interview on a platform such as Zoom, we all know it is important to get dressed appropriately but most importantly you need to make sure that your technology does what you need it to do before the interview and you are fully connected. Positioning of the camera and angle of lighting can make a huge difference and reduce the likelihood for any interruptions such as kids or animals or vehicle hooting noises or a mobile phone ringing or an errant Echo device.

Another potential tip is to set your interview scene. You should choose a room that you are comfortable in and not not your bedroom hence avoid speaking to your potential employer in bed. make sure you remove any clutter from the view of the recruiter and ensure that there is no way you will be interrupted while the interview is on.

Also remember to be more engaging and adventurous in order to get noticed. This is where preparation and research is key for a successful interview and landing the ideal job. Identify the companies’ growth and specializations so as to have a glimpse of the company you want to work for and this is by expanding on your research.

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