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Many people have been made to work at home due to coronavirus outbreak while schools have also closed to avoid rapid spread of the COVID-19.
This only means one thing, people turning to online working, others online studying and streaming be it TV or movies online to break the boredom that comes in hand with lock-down.

Ofcom a Uk based telecommunication company has advised online users on how to improve internet speed while working at home or studying at home during lock-down.

Did you know that microwaves can affect your internet speed? I know many are wondering how.
According to Ofcom, one should avoid turning on microwaves while working at home because they tend to slow down internet speeds. They insist that to ensure that you are still connected, make sure you keep doing regular speed checks on your internet connections.

As many people are confined at home especially those depending on internet, it is recommended not to use the microwave when making video or conference calls, doing something important and even watching HD videos because microwaves reduces wi-fi signal strength.

There has been internet surge all over with many users raising complains as people are using internet to get through the day with their work and studies and the advice comes in to help people stay connected as they manage their data use at home. However, there are tips to help users to stay connected as broadband and mobile networks have increased in demand due to coronavirus outbreak.

For faster speeds ensure that Cordless phones, baby monitors, halogen lamps, dimmer switches, stereos and computer speakers, TVs and monitors are not too close to the router because they will all affect wi-fi speed.

It is also advisable to turn off wireless devices that you are not using such as iPads and TVs as they still place demand on your connection even when they are not being actively used.
Using wired rather than wireless connections when dealing with heavy tasks online can be more effective like plugging laptops directly into the router also using high quality cables can improve speeds is recommended.

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