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James Bond’s ‘No time to die’ to be released early


Report has it that James Bond’s film ‘No time to die’ could be released nearly a month early due to coronavirus fears.

The upcoming film is currently scheduled to hit UK cinemas on April 2 and US theaters on April 10, but producers are said to have discussed plans about releasing it early due to their concerns over the virus.

Fans have requested Universal studios to postpone the release of the film as the situation in China already prompted the studios to move the release of the film in Hong Kong to April 30 and to cancel the film’s publicity tours in China, South Korea and Japan.

However fan website is suggesting the release be pushed back to the summer amid fears that the spread of coronavirus might lead to the closure of cinemas or keep people from wanting to go to see the film at movie theaters but the world premiere for No Time To Die is still scheduled to take place in London at the Royal Albert Hall on March 31.

Photo credits: BBC

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