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Love isn’t a constant thing and relationships have both good and bad times. That is why there are times when we sometimes adore our partners and sometimes feel pure hatred and other times so indifference. But that doesn’t mean that all is done or you are not doing it right.

It’s not that your partner doesn’t love you at all. It is all about knowing how to balance your love and keeping in mind that unequal love is different than unrequited love.

For some of us, falling in love and staying in love might sound so easy and natural but believe me it’s far more complex than we all imagine. This is because when people fall in love, most of them assume that they will both love each other equally as much but the bitter truth is that around one-fifth of people experience unequal love when one partner loves more than the other.

It is true that we would all hope to be loved equally the same way or even more than we reciprocate, but the question is, how do we go about beating the imbalance love in our relationships?

First of all remember that it is entirely normal for one of you to love the other more now and then at different ages and stages of your relationship and for most people, this isn’t a problem because it evens up over time. However, this doesn’t mean that the love has changed or you are loved less, its just that some priorities shifted for a while.

The other reason why unequal love might not actually be unequal like the way we may tend to assume is that we all have our own love language and people express love differently. However, problems start if your love languages are dramatically different and you’re not convinced your partner’s counts as much as yours. But we have to remember that all of us have a primary love language.

Therefore instead of feeling overwhelmed in a relationship, it is important to note that the secret of a happy relationship is realizing that there is really no right or wrong way of expressing love and we should always remember that fixing the imbalance might be as simple as asking your partner to show love in your preferred way.

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