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With coronavirus pandemic still being a threat, it is important to maintain a balance between work and rest to avoid burning out.

This is basically to avoid the stress that comes in with mental health concerns at workplaces connected to work-related stressors, which are usually caused by extreme workload coupled with poor management.

People who are most affected are perfectionists and those with a tendency to self-criticize their work because they are of the mindset that whatever work they are doing is too challenging and intimidating.

The positive side of it is that it is easy to detect the signs when you start feeling that you are burning out with work and there is a way of preventing the stress that comes with it.

The following are common signs:
1. Feeling disconnected from work
2. Headache and body ache
3. Feeling anxious and depressed

However, there are ways of treating workplace burnout. This is basically by making self-care a priority in your life and ensuring that there is time devoted to your work and the hobbies you enjoy outside work.

You may also set time for exercising, swimming, getting some extra sleep, or even playing with children, so long as it provides a distraction and a welcome relief to your workday. However, if you are already affected by it, a well-deserved break is all you need.

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