Know your blood type


Not all blood is alike, every person has a specific blood type. There are four major blood groups; A, B, O, and AB which each are discerned by sugars known as antigens that cause your immune system to produce antibodies. However, a new study reveals that having a certain blood specifically the O type, may help protect you against the novel coronavirus.

The researchers at genetic testing company 23andMe found that people with type O blood were up to 18 percent less likely to test positive for COVID-19. According to them, those who had the blood type O, and had been exposed, were up to 26 percent less likely to contract coronavirus. This indicating a link between the genes that determines blood type and the virus.

Additionally, another March study from China found that people in blood group A had a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 compared to people in non-A blood groups. Comparatively, those in blood group O had a lower risk of being infected than people in non-O blood groups.

People with blood group type A-positive were found to be at a higher risk of contracting the virus in another study contacted by a group of Italian and Spanish researchers as another study from Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City, revealing that people with A-positive and A-negative blood were 33 percent more likely to test positive than other blood types hence those with both O-negative and O-positive blood types less likely to fall ill with coronavirus than other blood groups.

However, the findings which are yet to be published in a medical journal after being adjusted for factors such as age, sex, body mass index and underlying health conditions.

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