Leave a legacy

Have you ever wondered what will be said in memory of you when you die? Death is inevitable because everyone will die sooner or later. You cannot postpone it indefinitely. Actually, nobody knows when their time to bow out will come. So what should be most important to us is to live like there is no tomorrow.  Do all the things you want to do so that when the time comes to leave you will have finished your race. Talk to your family and friends and tell them you love them.

Spend time with them as much as possible. Make those business decisions you need to make now. Take those risks. Remember that time waits for no man. Live in such a way that when you are gone, people will have something good to say about you. Live a fulfilled life and you will leave a legacy for those you live behind. Take the example of the late LA Lakers basketball player Kobe Bryant who died in a helicopter crash. Tributes are still flowing for him. He planted a seed of hope in people and that seed keeps growing every day. His star is still shining. What about you? What are you going to leave behind?

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