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Made to Soar!

How many times are people told to follow their heart, but they end up following their mind? You know you are good at doing a particular thing, but you feel like there is much more that the world can offer you and therefore you ignore your calling and follow the unknown. Sometimes your talent may look less lucrative but it will take you places if you take time to sharpen your skills. It is good to get an education. It is better when that which you are taught leans on that which comes naturally to you.
A receptionist may be trying really hard to impress the clients coming to the office while what she really longs for is to sing her heart out. The accountant could be playing the guitar on weekend gigs and stealing the hearts of his listeners. Yet they are too afraid to venture in that direction. Do not wait until you are old to follow your talent. Parents, do not force your children to go to a particular college and get their degree. In the end, they will put their papers aside and follow their heart.
Wouldn’t it be great if all children were encouraged to follow their hearts? Then it will take less time and money for people to be who they should be. Take the example of Omondi who drew Steve Harvey’s portrait. He has a bachelor of commerce degree but his heart is elsewhere. His magic comes from pencil on paper.
So what is your hidden talent? How are you planning on using it? The time to maximize on your talent is now, don’t wait for tomorrow. It might never come. Enjoy the freedom of being all that God made you to be. Soar!

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