Make the most of it

If your social life was suffering due to working overtime, now it will just disappear completely because of Corona virus. Whereas your weekends were full of activities before, now there will be more time to spend with family. There is no excuse at all unless you are being quarantined.

Your friends will not want to meet in public places. Actually, they will not want to meet at all. Everyone will want as much as possible to reduce movement. But this should not mean that you should be bored at home. Now is the time to spend quality time with your spouse. Go ahead and try that recipe that you got from the internet. It might make for a good meal time for the whole family.

Catch up on all the things you have been postponing. Call your parents and find out how they are doing. There is nothing as therapeutic as getting a call from your children just saying hello. Your children will also be glad to have their parents around. Homework will be finished in record time with the supervision of the parents. After that, you can always watch a good kid friendly movie with your children or even play some board games. There is always something positive you can get even with a disease outbreak.

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