Michelle Ntalami’s message to bullies.


Marini natural CEO Michelle Ntalami has always sparked heated debate online for some time now leaving people confused regarding her relationship with BBC producer Makena Njeri. The two have been flaunting their love online and according to Makena, she no longer cares about what people think or says about them for their love for each other is what really matter. Their friendship however has led to them being judged or even being cyber-bullied.

This year, according to Michelle, she hopes for positivity. More Kenyans especially celebrities have found themselves being trolled and Michelle being one of the latest victim. The Marini CEO shared on her instastories encouraging people to stop online toxicity.
“This year let’s end the toxicity online. Please don’t follow anyone if you don’t like them or what they are about, only to troll them, bully them or send their content to chat groups to defame, humiliate and bash them. Yes I know haters will always be there, but you don’t have to be one of them. Change starts with you”, Read part of her post.

According to Ntalami, there are people who knows you well, see your good stuff online for instance, business and never show love or support to you but instead choose to be a stalker. She urges that people should keep it real this 2021 with no more pretentiousness or dead weight relationships.
“Move with the people you vibe with, leave those you don’t. Not love lost! There is no pressure to love and support anyone. But if you choose to ignore your own, don’t call yourself a friend or family. And don’t be shocked if you get the exact treatment from them, when they learned to leave without your support,” Michelle added.
Michelle concluded warning the bullies that their projection is real and the next time they insult anyone, they should remember that those people are not what they think.

It is evidence that most online bullies use pseudo accounts and hide behind their online personas with most unaware of the cyber-bullying laws. According to Ntalami, toxicity is a disease. You may choose to be a spreader or a healer.

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