Miracle baby!


Angela Primachenko, 27, was only 33 weeks pregnant when she tested positive for coronavirus and a week later she was put on a medically-induced coma and on a ventilator at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center, in Washington.
However, when Angela was admitted for COVID-19, little did she know that she will wake from the coma when she is already a mother.

Angela who is a Respiratory therapist the past few weeks were like a nightmare to her. She had spent ten days incubated and when she woke up on April 6, she was told that doctors had safely delivered her baby girl Ava five days earlier in an effort to save the lives of both mother and daughter.
However, the now mother of two had to spent another week waiting to hold her newborn for the first time and another additional one more week before she was able to bring her home to be with the rest of the family.

Angela couldn’t hide her joy after testing negative twice and allowed to re-unite with her family because to her it was such a huge testimony to be holding her baby Ava.
‘The last few weeks have been filled with so much unexpected change in my life… and I feel like I can write a novel.. but for tonight I’ll just write that life is good, and let’s find the good in everyday,’ read one of her posts on Instagram captioned with adorable photos of baby Ava.

According to Angela, she has all reasons to be thankful for such a miracle. This is because, some time back while in the hospital her condition became severe forcing doctors to induce labor on April 1, several weeks ahead of schedule but now despite the difficult circumstances surrounding the birth of her child, she managed to pull through and welcomed a healthy baby girl who is coronavirus free.

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