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Mystery revolving around Wuhan’s coronavirus patient zero


There is still a mystery revolving around who Wuhan’s ‘patient zero’ is as COVID-19 continues to hit most countries threatening their economic stability.
As the deadly virus puts everything on a stand still, many people are still wondering who China’s coronavirus patient zero is. According to a leaked document, the first person to test positive for coronavirus was a woman selling live shrimps from Wuhan food market where the pandemic is believed to have started.

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention had earlier on claimed that the virus had been passed onto humans by wildlife sold as food in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market and this is exactly where Ms Wei 57, worked.

According to reports, the lady developed fever on December 11 and thinking it was a flu, she went to seek medical advice in a small clinic which she didn’t recover but continued to sell the seafood in the market.

Ms Wei who is now fully recovered claims that she visited The Eleventh hospital of Wuhan for a second opinion where doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her making her visit her previous hospital and after more injections, nothing changed instead she became more worse and uncomfortable with loss of strength and energy.

She finally visited Wuhan Union hospital on December 16, where the doctor described her illness as ‘ruthless’ and told her that several other people from Huanan had already come with similar symptoms making her one of the first 27 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 with 24 cases having linked from Huanan market.

As the identity of patient zero remain a hard puzzle to crack in China, Wei is believed to have been the first person to test positive in the market but there is another case of unnamed 70 year old man who developed the same symptoms on December 1 though he had not visited the market before.

However, according to South China morning post, classified government records indicates that the first case of a person suffering from COVID-19 could be traced back to November 17. This is seven weeks before Chinese officials announced that they have identified a new virus.

According to the daily mail post, there is unpublished data which indicated that Chinese authorities had identified at least 266 people who were infected before December 31, the same time Wuhan authorities were busy punishing a group of doctors for sounding the alarm of a ‘SARS’ like disease. However the Chinese officials still claim the first coronavirus patient fell ill on December 7.

COVID-19 pandemic has so far killed more than 22,000 people and infected over 486,000 worldwide with most countries and cities put on a lock-down in a bid to prevent the deadly virus. As this becomes a global crises, questions are left unanswered about the Wuhan’s patient zero who is still a puzzle to crack as researchers are burning midnight oil in order to find a vaccine for the deadly virus.

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