Parents, this is your time!

For parents who were used to seeing their children for a few minutes before they went to sleep, quarantine has provided time to hang out with your children.  You cannot tell them to sleep early because we all know there is no school tomorrow. You cannot leave them and go to work because there is no work. You cannot tell them to go out and play because you know they might get corona virus.

Now is the time to sit with your children and find out what they like and what they hate. Get to know who they have been hanging out with all the time you were at work. Since they have a lot of homework to do, you can help them out. If they don’t have any homework, find something to do with them. You will be surprised that they too don’t know you very well. They are struggling to follow your orders because you are a stranger. They probably know the nanny better than you.

As this will not last forever, make an imprint in your child’s mind that they will forever remember that when the virus threatened their lives, you were there to comfort them. Even if you are being forced to be present.



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