Phases of Life

It is interesting how one realizes the important things in their life when they are no longer available. Who would have thought that one day you would miss taking a walk in the park? Or even visiting your parents? Or having your children play outside with their friends? How about giving a hi-five to your friends and family? In a world that hailed the internet, it is quite a surprise that now we are missing the social touch that we had distanced ourselves from in the first place. Now that we are forced to stay away from each other through social distancing, we want to defy the order and risk getting sick.

Whilst one would just make a phone call to their family, now the craving for physical touch is overwhelming. Being told that you cannot touch or hug or even shake other people’s hand is frustrating. In truth, it helps one not to get infected by the virus going round but as social beings we feel the loss. People are really looking forward when normalcy will return to their lives. That routine that we hated is what we are missing right now.

People are missing going to work. The same work that they were complaining about not having time off. They even miss the work mates who were giving them sleepless nights. Working at home has proven to be harder than most people had envisioned. At least for those ones who are able to work at home. Others have no work at all and they are staring at an uncertain future.

Yes, we are all waiting for this pandemic to pass. And when it does, the world will never be the same. People will value other human beings and not things. The loss felt will leave people appreciative of that which they have at the moment. After all no one knows when their little freedom will be taken away from them again.

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