Prepare for your retirement

Retirement does not catch people by surprise as they know full well at what age they will retire. Unfortunately, people do not prepare for departure from work. It is seen as something that will happen in the future thus not needing immediate attention. By the time retirement is given the seriousness it deserves, it has already arrived. That is when you find many people falling sick due to stress.

So how does one prepare for their future? Make investments that will cushion you when you don’t have work. Make sure that these investments are like rental apartments which pay you while you sit at home. Do not wait to invest after you have been given the final pay cheque. The time to invest is now. When you look at how Covid 19 has wreaked havoc with people’s plans, remember that one day that job will not be available. While people are watching TV waiting for Covid 19 to pass, you should be making plans to secure your future.

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