Release your fears

In the midst of a pandemic, people undergo a number of fears. There is the fear that you are next in line and will get the disease. This is not necessarily true. If you take the precautions, you will not get sick. However, many people take it so seriously that they end up with other ailments totally unrelated to the pandemic. This makes the person believe that somehow their prediction came true.

Another fear that people have is that everyone they meet is sick. They end up fearing everyone even of their own household. It is good to keep the required social distance but leaving in fear leaves you a captive wherever you are. Having hope helps people realize that things will be well even if it takes time.

There are those who think that there is nothing good to look forward to. This is a lie. There are many things you can enjoy while at home with your family. You get to spend time together and iron out all the issues you may have had in the past. You also get time to meditate and pray. There is no time like now when people realize their own frailty and the mightiness of God.

Find the light in the darkness and you will endure the coming days. Nobody knows how long it will be, but you can shorten it with a bright outlook on life.

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