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Relief for egg lovers


A thirty year study conducted by US team, headed by a Harvard researcher discovered that eating one egg per day does not raise the risk of stroke or heart disease as previously feared.

This has been a subject of fierce debate because of their cholesterol content and their role in causing heart problems but finally the study has confirmed that there is no link between the two.

The researchers measured the diets of 215,618 healthy men and women who averaged one to five eggs a week for 32 years and found no association between egg intake and risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) which can lead to heart attack or stroke.

The findings published in The British Medical Journal did find that people who ate more than one egg a day had a higher risk, but they also tended to eat more red meat and have a higher body mass index.

Participants in the American study included 83,349 female nurses aged 30 to 55, 90,214 female nurses aged 25 to 44 and 42,055 male health professionals aged 40 to 75 who were all free of CVD, type 2 diabetes and cancer at the start of the study.

Participants were more at risk of CVD when researchers replaced one whole egg a day with a serving of processed red meat 15%, unprocessed meat 10% or full fat milk 11%. Foods such as fish, poultry, legumes, cheese and nuts in place of eggs were not linked to CVD risk.

According to Professor Andrew Odegaard, the results of the study were convincing but people should not put all their eggs in this observational basket for formal guidance on eating eggs. Given that eggs are rich in protein and nutrient-dense, providing one of the few dietary sources of vitamin D, it’s great to put people’s minds to rest.

CVD, is a condition affecting the heart or blood vessels which is one of the main causes of death and disability in the UK.

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