Restoring sanity in your relationship


Having good relationships is not something that you take for granted. There are many people out there who have complicated relationships that they are not sure whether they are working or not. For you to have a good relationship however, it requires your input as well as the input of your partner. Since no one can exist in vacuum, you need to come up with rules and regulations that will help you have the relationship you want. Sit down together and come up with the things that you expect and don’t expect from each other. It may seem like a lot of work but you are going to gain immensely from this project.

You should be able to agree to disagree on some subjects yet still maintain a level of respect for each other. You cannot be a yes person to everything that your partner says otherwise you will be irrelevant to that relationship. Both your views are important and that is the reason why you should air them. Learn to fight fair with each other. If you are always name calling, the other party will close their heart to you. Be willing to give 100% of yourself and to receive the same from your partner. Any relationship where people are not invested to give the best of themselves is likely to fail.

It is important to also have the courage to speak about everything that is affecting your relationship. You cannot have a good relationship with one another and yet not open up to each other about the vulnerable situations that you face. If you feel that the relationship is contributing to your anxiety, talk with a counselor on what is really bothering you. Do not keep quiet and die inside just because you refuse to ask for help when you need it. As long as you have the courage to go on, you can move from the difficult areas and achieve success in your relationship.

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