Soap and water all the way!


Have you ever wondered who was the previous customer in your favorite grocery shop or at the supermarket on the grocery counter? How hygiene is he or she amid of the COVID-19 outbreak?

What everyone is fighting for now is to keep breathing, as the world’s deadly pandemic keeps threatening our existence. Therefore, when it comes to coronavirus, shoppers need to be extra careful and mindful when handling vegetables and fruits in the supermarket.

As we both know the virus can stay on hard surfaces for several days and when customers come constantly and pick while touching on each and every fruit or vegetable trying to choose the best ones, there are high chances that the surfaces are left contaminated.

That is why it is advisable to sanitize before handling groceries in any given grocery stores and supermarket shelves, however, most people are taking the precautions seriously and it is impressing. An expert recommends that we should wash our fruits and vegetables with water and soap as soon as we get home just the way we wash our hands to reduce the risk.

This might sound funny but it is better to take precautions because we are not aware how many people might have touched them and if their hands were clean or not. Therefore let us all be vigilant and continue keeping safe!

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