Speaking from the heart

In Africa not just in Kenya, it is a big deal to speak at a funeral of someone you knew. If the person was prominent then it becomes doubly important. How will people know you had a relationship if you don’t get that chance to speak? Even if one gets a few minutes to simply say hello, that recognition is enough. To be ignored is to be told simply that you are not wanted at that funeral. That in itself is a reason to get angry and rant even on social media. When Martha Karua, the Narc Kenya leader went to the late businessman Nginyo’s funeral, she was not given time to speak. Some quick thinking on one of the politician present Musalia Mudavadi allowed her a few minutes to speak. Yes it’s a big deal.
When someone dies, we want to tell everyone how we met them. When the former Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore died, people of all walks of life took the time to mourn him publicly by sharing about the kind of relationship they had with him. These were deep and touching messages.
Yes we want to talk and sing dirges if possible. It is our way of saying goodbye. It does not matter how late the burial will end as long as we say goodbye in our way. We do not want to regret later that we did not give a loved one a befitting sendoff. And what better way than to reminisce the good times we had together. It eases the pain and helps one to let go.

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