Take me with no strings attached

Little girls often dream of the dress they are going to wear and the cake they are going to cut on their wedding day. They dream of having babies someday and end up cuddling their dolls while singing to them. When they grow up however, they find that marriage is not as easy to come by as they had dreamed.

Mr. Right is normally reluctant to walk down the aisle and sometimes has to be cajoled to take the step of faith. You see boys do not grow up thinking of settling down with a beauty. In fact, they always think of owning the latest car and having lots of money. Here they are thinking of fun not commitment.

In some cultures, the parents are tasked with looking for a spouse for their child. They enter into an agreement with another family so that their children marry when they grow up. Even in cultures where there is no such practice, you find some parents like Mike Tyson offering money just to see their daughter married. He longs to see her in her own home.

But does such a marriage work? There will be doubt in the daughter’s mind that they are only together because of money. Won’t it be a cause of conflict in that marriage? It’s better not to marry that to live with someone whose motivation for being with you is money. True love does exist. It just needs time to blossom. Ladies, don’t give up your dreams, they will come to pass someday. Those men will not want to be loners forever.

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