The breath of fear

With the corona virus scare, many people have become detectives. People are peeping to see if their neighbors are wearing masks or are walking around freely. They want to see who is getting into their neighbors houses. There is such a great fear that people want to know if their neighbor traveled recently and where they went. If they are not seen for a few days, the grapevine comes up with an explanation about where the person is. Normally, it’s not a good explanation.

Woe unto the neighbor who looks like they come from the east, they will not only be discriminated against, but isolated as well. People may think that the residents of Athi River had gone too far but were it to happen in your neighborhood, most of you would do the same. You would not want somebody to be quarantined in your area. Fear of getting corona virus is real.

These are difficult times but people have to remain humane no matter what. Nobody wishes to be sick. Take all precautions to remain healthy, but remember to say a word of prayer for those who are sick.

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