The enemy within!


Coronavirus pandemic continues to hit many countries worldwide as people are advised to take precautions and adhered to hygiene, keep distance and avoid contact in order to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

We’ve seen 793 people die in Italy in just one day as Kenya confirms 8 more cases after 72 hours leading to 15 confirmed positive cases in the country due to the pandemic that is paralyzing continents economically.

The question is how responsible are we as citizens to avoid this deadly disaster paralyzing us completely? It’s so unfortunate that however much the government is trying so hard to put up measures to avoid this pandemic from hitting the nation hard, it’s citizens are defying those measures and risking more lives.

Doctors and other medical personnel are working day and night to save lives of already affected victims and in Italy, doctors are already overwhelmed with the situation but still doing their best to save lives others even risking their lives but the sad thing is that people don’t listen and they are becoming defiant and ignorant.

We’ve turned into our own worst enemies even more than the virus itself. What is so difficult following simple instructions like keeping the one-meter distance? Avoiding social gatherings and washing hands?

The government can not follow each one of us around to make sure we’re adhering to those rules and guidelines. It’s up to us to decide and take care of ourselves. It is up to us citizens to decide whether to defeat this deadly virus or allow it to wipe us all out.
It’s so unfortunate that we have decided to fail the government’s efforts to protect us and preventing more outbreaks. It’s like giving medicine to people who don’t want to get better.

We both understand this pandemic has affected us in one way or the other. Businesses ain’t the same, people have lost jobs and everything seems to be at standstill at the moment. But it’s up to people to decide to fight this disaster together as we pray and hope for life to get back to normal. If we defy the measures the government has put in place then we should expect even more worst scenarios than these.

The saddest part of it is that, as some people are following and adhering to the ministry of health and government’s advice, most people are defying them hence risking the lives of innocent people.
We’ve seen some people refuse to self isolate themselves when they know very well they need to, this is so unfortunate because the more they interact with people the more they spread the virus. Public service vehicles have hiked fare to poor and innocent commuters just to satisfy their economic interest. We are both affected in one way or the other, why frustrate commuters who are struggling to make ends meet?

We have also witnessed the Tanzania government urging their citizens to continue with their businesses as normal and forget about social gatherings as nothing has happened for the interest of the country’s economy. My question is, how can you put people’s health at risk at the expense of an economy? A sick nation won’t make a healthy nation.

As the Kenyan government is busy and trying to fight this pandemic, let us try and be loyal citizens and care about one another. If I defy simple instructions I’m not only risking my life, but I’ll be risking my family, neighbors, friends and even the strangers I come in contact with. Therefore let’s be each other’s keepers and precaution starts with us. Let’s not make the government’s efforts to be in vain. The more we prevent the spread of this deadly virus, the more we finally kill it and allow people to go about with their businesses, worships as usual and life will be back to normal.

However, we can’t do this when we are exposing each other to high risks of contracting the virus. Let’s not be our own enemies. It’s just simple, follow instructions and stay safe! A little sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.

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