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The nightmare virus

Walking with a face mask may become the new norm if what is happening in the world is anything to go by. China are fighting against the corona virus and India are fighting the swine flu. In both cases protection against infection requires you to cover your nose and mouth. The infection rate is rising and you need to be extra careful about where you go and what you do.

The symptoms of corona virus include having a fever, a cough and breathing problems. It is said to have originated from bats to snakes then to people. It has spread to many countries and these countries have been forced to put measures in place to avoid infection by their citizens. If you are traveling from China, you are given extra attention, just in case you are carrying the virus. The best bet you can have against corona virus is to have a strong immune system. Then you have a chance of overcoming it. On the other hand, the swine flu’s symptoms include cough, sore throat and fever. It is called swine flu because it originated from pigs. Another name for swine flu is H1N1 flu.

To be on the safe side, see a doctor immediately you have the above symptoms. Don’t diagnose yourself, go to hospital. Swine flu is not as severe as coronavirus but it is better to seek professional help if you have it.

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