This must stop!

It is sad that people would rather run away from police officer instead of approaching them even when they have done no wrong. Going to report a crime to the police may not earn you a medal, but you may find yourself in the cells. Nobody knows what motivates the police actions. It becomes so hard for the people to report a crime when they fear that they’re going to be victimized.

Take the case scenario where a boda boda rider was allegedly shot by a police officer because he parked his motorbike in the hospital grounds against the hospital rules. He had rushed a child to the hospital for emergency help. Being an emergency, it would have been prudent if the police officer talked to the rider later and asked him not to do that the next time. The situation itself should have made the police officer refrain from using such force. Why not just arrest him if he was on the wrong? After all, the law must take its course.
What if the child belonged to the officer? Would he have been so quick to pull the trigger? Wouldn’t he have appreciated the fact that someone took the initiative to rush the child to hospital? It’s about time that the police start showing goodwill to the very people they’re supposed to guard. Everybody undergoes stress so that should not be an excuse to harm other people. You cannot protect that which you hate.

It’s not just this one incident regarding the police, unfortunately, there are many others. When university students strike, the violence meted on them is sad. Whoever lied to the police that violence produces changed behavior? It only breeds hate and anger which makes for a vengeful society. This must stop. There is nothing better than a society where the police and the people live peaceably together. That does not mean that there will be no crime. But when there is a collaboration between the two, it makes for reduced crime in the area.

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