Watch your actions

A few weeks back, nobody bothered how many times you washed your hands. Today, everyone is obsessed with washing hands. The fear of contracting corona virus has made the whole world go bonkers on cleanliness. Those who are not washing hands are using sanitizers. People are afraid of talking to their neighbors choosing to stay isolated even when they are not sick.

Others are now thinking of hoarding sanitizers waiting for the right time to cash in. Some brothers in Tennessee did just that hoping for a big payout. Unfortunately, their little plan failed when Amazon stopped the sales of the sanitizers citing overcharging for the product. They ended up donating the sanitizers.

Overpricing of products should not be tolerated because people’s lives depend on these products. This is the time where you should be your brother’s keeper. If you are sick, isolate yourself and stay at home till you recover. When buying sanitizers, please leave some for the people coming after you. Be considerate.


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