“We have good and bad days”, former mother in-law’s Selina


Former mother in-law’s actress Catherine Kamau known as Kate the actress yesterday revealed that however much she may be a celebrity, she is also human and she has her good and bad days.

This was after she asked her Instagram fan to ask her any questions through her Instagram stories something that made fans flock in with a lot of questions and clarifications. However, Kate as usual didn’t let them down but managed to answer them right back as expected.

One fan asked her if she snubs fans when they want to interact with her or take selfies but the sassy actress clarified on that claiming that it depends with the approach.

“Why should I? If you come correct am the nicest person, bila mafans ningekuwa wapi? Shida huwa ni approach. Some people are extremely rude and rough! We are all humans. We have good and bad days” She responded.

According to Kate, her fans have really contributed to her career and she doesn’t see the need of snubbing them because she couldn’t have gone this far without them. The only problem is some are very rude and rough and given that she is human she also has emotions.

In short it is how you approach them, because you may be shocked some of these celebrities are the most easiest and coolest people to interact with. Another fan asked when she was was going to unveil baby K’s face to the public, but the mother of two seems not to be ready to show off her daughter’s face to her fans anytime soon.

Kate added that the only way she deals with social media criticism is the fact that she doesn’t listen to people because if she did, she could be dead by now, instead she decided to be indifferent and mind her own business. However she thanked her husband claiming that he has been his support and rock.

Do you agree with her that its how you approach them that matters? What questions would wish to ask Kate if given a chance to Interact with her?


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