Why people with chronic diseases are vulnerable to coronavirus


Have you ever asked yourself why people with underlying diseases such as diabetes are at greater risk from coronavirus? It is reported that those who suffer from diabetes, lung disease and high blood pressure have more cellular doorways through which the virus can enter than the healthy people.

According to a new research from the University of Sao Paulo and the University of Washington, researchers suggest that a drug used to treat some breast cancer patients could help block off the excess ACE2 receptors through which coronavirus enters, perhaps saving thousands from the infection.

With an increased risk of coronavirus infection due to underlying health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease, the researchers believe that key to the mysterious array of symptoms seems to be the ACE2 receptor which is a critical protein on the surface of cells inside our bodies that acts like processor for other proteins and hormones in a series of reactions that helps control blood pressure.

However, the ACE2 receptor also fits the spike protein on the coronavirus’s surface like a glove, giving the virus an entry point into human cells thus explaining why the virus does such devastating damage to the organs.

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