Why you should not lose your freedom to the courts

There is nothing as frustrating as having your bank account frozen by the courts while investigations are going on in a case. The bare necessities that you would be able to afford become a luxury. The very friends who were hanging around you become scarce like rain in North Eastern Kenya. In fact, when you call them, they will ignore you. Some will have changed their numbers by the time you get out on bail. Others will block your number because they don’t want anything to do with you. You become a pariah even before you are pronounced guilty. Your social life disappears.

The freedom you had to go wherever you want and to do your bidding is gone once you have no money. That is why you find that many people appear the first time in court looking all glam. But by the time the case is heard a year later, all the glam is gone. You are exhausted just trying to keep appearances. You know that even with the little freedom you have from jail, someone is still watching you. You cannot avoid glancing over your shoulder all the time. Even if years later you will be pronounced ‘not guilty’, the freedom you lost cannot be regained.

Your children may have stopped going to school due to lack of school fees. Their freedom is curtailed.  Your car may be at the police station depreciating in value as you are shuttling back and forth in courts. Just ask Phyllis Ngirita what she is going through. Asking the courts to unfreeze your account is like moving a mountain, literally. They have no obligation to do what you request.

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