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Why you should wear a mask that covers your nose


Coronavirus effects on the lungs are usually devastating hence leading most patients in the ICU. We have all been advised to wear masks in public places and avoid gatherings where possible just to be on the safe side. However, wearing a mask that covers both your mouth and nose is important in protecting yourself and others from covid-19 because the nostrils are said to be particularly vulnerable to infection.

This is according to the new study conducted by University of North Carolina (UNC) scientists who found that the virus typically first lodges itself in the tissue inside the nose and travels down the respiratory tract from there. The virus is said not to establish itself or spread itself as well in the throat, but it can make its way from the nose into the lungs of some people at night while they sleep.

With strong evidence that the nose is coronavirus’s first target and best breeding ground, scientists have advised that wearing a mask is key and rinsing out your nostrils may help reduce the risk that the virus will reach the lungs and cause life-threatening pneumonia.

However, we have all witnessed and encountered many people out there on the streets either not wearing masks, or wearing them over only their mouths, or around their chins hence forgetting that the nose also needs to be protected.

Therefore it is important to wear your mask appropriately having in mind that you are not only protecting yourself from the deadly virus but also protecting others by preventing the spread of covid-19 as it is now evident that the nose is clearly the fertile ground for the virus.

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