Women with multiple miscarriages risk developing diabetes


As we all know there is nothing worse than losing a child through miscarriage. As it is described as the spontaneous loss of a woman’s pregnancy before the 20th week which can be both physically and emotionally painful, it is so unfortunate that the miscarriage process can’t be reversed once it has started.

However, a study confirms that women who suffer multiple miscarriages are at greater risk of developing diabetes as multiple miscarriages increases a woman’s risk of developing diabetes by up to 71%.

According to the study, women who had experienced one pregnancy loss are found to be 18 per cent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, compared with women who had never lost a baby whereas multiple miscarriages are linked to higher risks, increasing the chances to develop type 2 diabetes by 71 per cent.

Therefore, it is advisable for women with three or more lost pregnancies to have their blood sugar profile monitored more frequently so that professional medical advice can be offered to lower their risk hence interventions can be applied early enough if diabetes develops.

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